About Us

"Traditional Italian Comfort Food"


Ezio Patrizi and Cinzia Di Pio are the owners/operators, husband and wife duo personifying Dat’s Amore.

Ezio is a baker and specialized pizzaiolo, with more than 30 years’ experience in the food industry across multiple countries, trained by a true master of Roman and Italian-style pizza and bread making. He keeps the legacy and traditions of his heritage alive with love for his craft and desire to bring something truly unique to the people of Perth:

“Traditional Italian Comfort Food is what we make, and what our mothers and grandmothers
taught us; everything we make, we make from scratch, just like they used to do. We are only
trying to preserve and perpetuate those memories”.

Cinzia is the General Manager and the ever-smiling face of Dat’s Amore, with years of experience managing and operating a wide range of businesses, with an exceptional eye for detail. Possibly Ezio’s biggest critic, she makes sure that every dish is of outstanding quality:

“I spent many years working as a jeweler, and people simply want the same things: something beautiful, unique, simple, and high-quality - it is the same with what we make here".

With a kitchen staff cumulating almost 100 years’ experience, the result is true-to-the-tradition flavors; when you step in Dat’s Amore you will immediately feel this enormous passion.

The only way to appreciate the difference is to try it for yourself.

Buon appetito!